About Hipfits

HipFits Fidget & Backpack Charms – Discrete, Silent, & Compact Fidget By HipFits

  • ABOUT OUR FIDGET: HipFits may appear like a regular backpack or key chain charm, but they also provide an amazing hidden function as a fidget or manipulative.   None of your child’s friends or classmates will know this awesome secret- all they will see is a cool looking backpack charm!    
  • WHY HIPFITS ARE BETTER: Unfortunately, other fidgets can lead to teasing and ridicule based on their appearance or the disruptive noises they can make.  Because of this, they often go unused or get taken away by teachers.  Our HipFits Fidget & Backpack Charms has an attractive and playful design that leads to more use as they hide in plain sight. Best of all – they make NO DISTRACTING SOUNDS!
  • WHY USE THESE FIDGETS: HipFits can stimulate brain function and increase finger dexterity. Fidgets have been found to support increased focus and can help students absorb information faster.  They are a great way to engage kinesthetic learners, or to help younger children from putting their hands in inappropriate places.  Our charm decreases fidgeting and boredom, and fosters relaxation. 
  • HIPFITS ARE GREAT FOR: People who suffer from anxiety, ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues, dermatillomania, trichotillomania, PTSD, SPD, or for those who have difficulty staying still or who constantly need to be doing something with their hands to feel focused.
  • OUR HIPFITS FIDGETS ARE MADE OF: Cloth covered silicone, making them easy to handle for long periods of time without hurting your hands.  Each HipFits charm can fit easily in a purse or a child’s pocket, and they can be quickly attached to just about anything such as a backpack, purse, bicycle, gym bag, car mirror, or stroller. They are lightweight and easily transportable!

HipFits are mini 4-inch soft, cloth-covered silicone-filled dress shape fidgets and charms tethered to a colorful heart shaped clip that easily attaches to a backpack, a purse, a bicycle, a gym bag, car mirror, a stroller and more.  Our fidgets are both silent and discrete. 

 "I think HipFits are fabulous.  As a fidget item, they are good for children with ADHD and sensory/executive functioning issues.  I also love that they easily hang from a backpack and don't make any noise, preventing any distraction to other students." Dr. Susan Ciardiello, LCSW    


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